What is The Truth ?

What is The Truth ?
What is The Truth ?

What is The Truth ?

There is a dilemma in me and in your life and in everybody’s life. And always lives. What is the Truth ?  What is unreal?
Most people think that whatever we have heard with our ears and seen with our eyes, that is true, and that which is going through our senses is the same truth.
Is this really true?

 It may also be that what we have seen, heard, it is the shadow of the untruth. Is not it strange?
So what is in the mind, is that truth ?   No.

 Because of the mind also accepts imagination as true. So, what is the truth? Think.
 Truth is not in which our loss, profit is hidden. The truth is not that which should be broken.

 The truth is that in which the welfare of a human being is hidden. 

The truth is that there should be no tears in it, Be love. The truth is that where the living beings are welcome.

The way Sirup can never be bitter, in the same way, the truth can never be bitter and hurtful.
 Truth always raises man’s character

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