What does justice mean ?

What does justice mean
What does justice mean

What does justice mean

When a person is wronged in some event. That incident tends to tamper with that person. And all the world appears to be his enemy. The bigger the incidence of injustice. The human heart is as much opposed to it. In response to that incident, he asks for justice. And also qualified.

     In fact, any kind of injustice in society is the destruction of the faith and trust of the person.   But What does justice mean?

  To the wrongdoer is Repent on his work. Others and those who get rectitude, re-believe in society.

  That is the right meaning of justice. But, if there is no religion in his heart, he does not accept this Decision and adopts retribution.

   Violence instead of violence. Walks through  He himself tries to give more pain than suffered pain.   And walking on this path, suffering injustice starts to do injustice himself. Soon, he becomes a criminal.

     That means there is very little difference between justice and retribution. And the name of the same difference is religion.   Is this not true?  Think yourself

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