Definition of Human Life

Definition of Human Life
Definition of Human Life

Definition of Human Life

Desire, hope, expectation, and aspiration are all the drivers of human society. Someone will ask you. what is the Definition of Human Life ? So what would you answer?

Consider it…

You will know immediately, that your desire is the interpretation of your life.
 Your success and your failure, is the introduction of your life.
 Most people live such that they themselves die from within, but they can not kill their desires.
Desire runs them. Humans make many people miserable in fulfilling their desires.
Sometimes it seems that the desire of man is the purpose of birth. But this does not really happen. After birth of man, desire is born.
 But, these desires are in the womb. There is also light of knowledge.
It is said, that when the desire remains incomplete, it breaks.
Only then the ray of knowledge enters in the life of human. And with the same knowledge, man gets peace. And the divine is found.

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