How to overcome Unfortunate or unlucky?

How to overcome Unfortunate or unlucky?
How to overcome Unfortunate or unlucky?

How to overcome Unfortunate or unlucky?

            So let’s start today’s unique journey for the Unfortunate or unlucky. Many times we see that we are unable to do some work. But some people do it very easily. That too without any hindrance! Seeing this brings a feeling of envy and jealousy in our mind. But the spiritual science behind it is very strange.

          When we suffer from negative energy. Then a dark-colored (aura) is formed around us, that is, on the outer covering of our body. When such an aura is built around us. Then our brain is completely affected. Due to that, we are unable to do even simple tasks.

          After all, we do any work with the help of the brain. When the brain is not in control, how can it allow it to do its thought work? For this reason, we are unable to do any of our ordinary tasks. For any task to be successfully completed, it is very important to have your brain under your control.

        When there is negative energy around us. Then a chemical called serotonin is produced in our brain. Which brings the neurons around them into a coma for a short time. So that even after our full power is not engaged in work, we do not realize that our full powers are in a comma. But we have such confusion as if we have put our full potential.

        Our brain is very mysterious. When your brain is under your control. That is when the aura of positive energy flows around us. Then, a chemical named kyanisra is released in our brain. Due to which great and powerful energy starts flowing in our brain. Which does not seem to have put us full power. But it seems as if we have employed the same general strength as an ordinary child.

         In the universe, when a star is born with positive energy. Then a creative star comes into existence.

         And when a star is born with negative energy. Then a black hall or supernova or some explosive substance comes into existence. This is also the biggest wonder of nature.

        There is nothing like Unfortunate or unlucky! Nature never gives us bad luck, that is what we decide for ourselves. What do we need If we stay positive all the time, then endorphin chemicals will flow in our brain. Which will help us to do our favorable work under our control. That will help us. With his help, we are able to find a route in any problem.

         Sometimes even in difficult times, we get out easily. And after leaving, we also wonder. And also wonder how come out? When there was no possibility! But all this happens with the help of endorphins which flow into our brain.

         To be a successful person, it is very important to be positive first. If you keep negative thoughts together, then there will be dark energy around you. Which you will be unable to do every simple task.

        The decision is yours what do you want! Always remember that if you do not change now, chances are less. Do what you want to do now. So it is today, who will determine your tomorrow. The future is created from the present.

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2 thoughts on “How to overcome Unfortunate or unlucky?

  • September 21, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    Very informative. There’s power in positivity. So much to change life’s and affect even higher forces.

  • September 24, 2020 at 9:04 am

    Yes, I agree, too. I always tell myself, if I want bad things to stop happening to me, I got to change my mindset to make things better. This has been quite informative. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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