What is the Way to a Decision

What is the way to a decision
What is the way to a decision

What is the way to a decision :

Every moment of life is a moment of decision. Every position has to be decided about the other position and this decision leaves its impact.
And our future is based on our decision taken today.
Decisions made today create happiness or sorrow in the future, not only for his family but also for generations to come.
When a dilemma arises, the mind becomes distraught, filled with uncertainty.
That moment of decision becomes war. And the mind is a battleground.
Most of the decisions we take are not to remedy the dilemma, but to calm our mind.
But can anyone eatfood while running?  No Never.
 So will the mind struggling with war make any worthy decision?
 When someone makes a decision with a really calm mind, he creates a happy future for himself.
But when someone makes a decision to calm their mind.
 So that person will plant a tree full of thorns for himself in the future.
Always remember

What is self-confidence :


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