In Front of Whom Should not Crouch.

In Front of Whom Should not Crouch
In Front of Whom Should not Crouch

In Front of Whom Should not Crouch:


There is definitelya problem in the life of all of us. In front of whom to crouch and in front of whom should not crouch.

Most people say that a self-respecting person does not bow down to anyone. So some people say that the one whose size has increased is tilted.
 There are different views about this, but what is the truth? Have you ever tried to know the truth? The bizarre puzzle isn’t it?
 In reality, all this is circumstantial. It is also appropriate to bend according to the situation, and not to bend according to the situation.
If you feel that this thing is unfair, your mind and your soul should raise the voice that it is unfair, then you will not bow. Doing this will lift your self-esteem.
If you feel that someone is right, but because of your age, position and ego, do not accept that matter, then immediately bow down, immediately wake up because doing so will reduce the size of your ego. And your personality will grow


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