What is the True Meaning of Depression ?

What is the True Meaning of Depression?
What is the True Meaning of Depression?

What is the True Meaning of Depression ?

          Depression affects a person’s thoughts, behavior, filling, and a sense of well-being. A person suffering from depression has grief, emptiness, hopelessness, helplessness, irritability, does not feel like doing anything, happiness in life is reduced or not. And They Suicide attempts!

          Depression is a problem that is created by himself.

         When we think negative for the front(Person or situation), it is not depression. What happens in depression?

         When we start thinking negatively for ourselves. Inferior feeling towards ourselves begins to develop in us. See yourself not getting success. Seeing his own things as not complete. Then we go into depression after a time.

         Long time anxiety becomes a form of depression. Depression is caused by loneliness, gum, anxiety. Depression is a mental or mental illness, not a body illness. When we think of a negative thing again and again, then the negative energy generated from it starts increasing.

         When negative energy in us becomes more, then it gradually takes the form of depression. This affects our brains. And his work capacity gradually starts to decrease. Depression is the result of our negative thinking.

In which situation the person is a victim of depression.

         When a person makes such a perception in the mind that it is a formidable problem. Which cannot be solved. Like, marriage breakdown, business partner cheating, loss of very heavy money, lack of job for a long time, frequent failure in life.

         In such a situation the person becomes a victim of depression. And it starts to develop as a disease. Actually it is not a disease but a mental perception, The man who takes his mind and mind. It is created by himself. There is negative energy related to himself. Which we call depression.

        If there is a person in depression. So there will be irritability in such small things inside him, everything will feel bad to him, nothing will feel good. In such a situation, a person who is in depression needs love.

        When we compare yourself to the front. See the front is very moving. Then we have a lot of tension. Then we have a lot of depression. The person who is facing such situations himself. It is his job to keep himself away from these things.

 Happiness and sorrow are part of life. But depression is a mental state that prevents you from being happy.


        Different people have depression in different situations but two things are common in all people.

      1. Fear.

      2. I can do nothing alone.

       And there is a simple way to get out of this depression. Remove fear from your mind completely. And strongly decide that I have to do it alone. Whether someone supports me or not.

       That’s why you should not depend on anyone, for anything. Because if you are a dependent, you may suffer depression in the future also. So you have to become independent. So that you will never come into depression.

Your Life is a Reflection of your Actions.

Without Hard Work, You Want to Achieve Success?

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