What is the Real Happiness of Life ?

What is the Real Happiness of Life ?

What is the Real Happiness of Life ?

         There was a king who, despite all the comforts, could not enjoy life, because there was always a sword hanging on his head.

          Many people, avoiding trolls, are also like the same king. We postpone some work, but that work does not go anywhere. Rather, with mixed feelings of incomplete responsibility and guilt keeps haunting them twice.

         In the meantime, listen to a million songs, watch comedy videos, eat or drink, or just be asleep, but there is no assurance of relaxation. Work stress remains on the head.

          Later, more work gets done by doing slowly. And one day the pressure becomes unbearable.

Then comes the clock to start work. A person indulges in work by giving up bathing, eating and sleeping. And finally work is done. Aha! What a relief.

          It seems to the mind of the procrastinator that the work is finally done in some way. Then it will be done even further. But by applying all this mathematics, he forgets the real deficit of life. Which has become a waste of career, relationships, and a form of a discount on the image.

          The biggest disadvantage of getting things done in such a way is that man always lives in an average life, average achievement, and less satisfaction than usual. He does not think ahead of handling routine tasks in any way.

          Sometimes when he gets a break, he remembers that he once had ambition. His eyes dreamed of doing something big. And then he is left with just a cold sigh.

           In childhood, almost everyone said-

‘I will become a big man.’ When you were younger, you used to talk about becoming a big man and still say the same. Perhaps the words have changed a bit. Perhaps now you hesitate to say this in front of someone and repeat it in your heart. How long will the bus keep saying?

           No matter who you are, working in any position, clerk, teacher, photographer, artist, journalist, or unemployed, you will definitely have a big dream in your heart. You must be thinking about becoming a man who is different from others. How long will you keep thinking?

           You will become, you will definitely become, but… this is a very big ‘but’. You will definitely become a big man, you will be able to fulfill your dream, but if you continue on the current pattern, do the same thing as you are doing now, then you will just keep thinking for life.

           Think yourself, you are 30, 35 or 40 years old. The most productive and energy-filled years of life are bursting with vigor. If you do not fulfill your dream, then who will? If you do not work for yourself, then who will?

           Talk about becoming a big man or reaching the summit in some area – now don’t keep it just a hidden wish. Make it your goal. Desire means blank imagination. The Goal means a firm action plan. The intention is still there, that is why you have not forgotten your dream.

         You must have made all the plans in the past years. Now it is the turn of karma. If you do not have a plan, then do not just keep planning. Do not mislead yourself as usual. Just start working. Whatever the preparation is, whatever work it takes, whatever time it is, whatever it is, cross-skewed, start the work.

         So start working.

         If you want to quit procrastination, then it is clear that this is your very old disease and you are suffering from it.

         In the beginning, no one thinks of getting rid of the postponement. Initially, its strength is less, there is a delay in few tasks, so the car of life keeps going. But with aging

         The scope of responsibilities increases and the areas of procrastination expand. And then the circumstances start being unbearable.

          From where do the work that you can catch. This is the only treatment. Except for actually doing the work, none of the world’s great technologies will work. We will start work, only then will the years of rusting begin.

           The jammed wheels will start to slide. If you will stop for preparation, then that too will be a form of avoidance. To start the work and let the car run. Stopped by any excuse, the car will again stop indefinitely.

           Today is Sunday, today there is no mood, today there are other works too – these are all different versions of ‘I will do tomorrow.’

           You know that tomorrow never comes. To think about starting tomorrow is to betray yourself. Which you have been giving till now. This is to be avoided.

            Only then will we know What is the Real Happiness of Life, otherwise the bitterness of tension will dissolve in the sweetness of life and life will remain unmatched despite all the rest.

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