Are you a slave to your mind?

Are you a slave to your mind?
Are you a slave to your mind?

Are you a slave to your mind?

         The human mind is very strange and amazing. So today we will talk a little on this topic. All the ideas given here are my own. And no person has any relation with the living or the dead. And even if it happens, there will be only one coincidence.

        Our mind is so fickle that we cannot understand it. The human mind is very distracted. It is ours, but in spite of us, we have no control. He says we do it all the time! Even then, we understand that he is his own! Isn’t it strange?

       When you do not have control over something, how did it become yours? If one of your employees in your office does not listen to you, and you have no control, then how will you be able to say that it is your office? It is just like that.

       That is why the great meditator, Yogi has said that you should control the mind. Then you will be able to become yourself. Otherwise, you are, but your command is in the hands of the mind.

      And you dance as you dance. You are not free! You are a slave to the mind. So whenever a prayer comes from within you to God. That prayer cannot reach God, so how will God listen? Otherwise, it should be said that once prayed and reached them. But the reason is not able to reach. Your bond to your mind!

       Now you will say that we are independent. So my answer is no. You are not independent. If independence was so cheap, what was the matter? It is a great thing that despite being a slave, we consider ourselves independent. This happens when we get addicted to something.

        You eat roti, vegetable, and dal rice in your meal every day. Then you get addicted to it. And you don’t get satisfaction when you don’t get it someday. So you say it was not fun to eat. Because you are addicted. Therefore we do not even know that we are slaves in truth, the mind is our king. And that is what we do, which he makes us do. The day we get control of the mind, on that day we will be free in the true sense. And we will be our own masters. till then we are in bondage. It is impossible to reach God in bondage. God never comes into bondage.

       Meera renounced all bondage and found Sri Krishna. Narasi Mehta left all bondage and found God. Sri Shankaracharya renounced all the bonds and found God. Is not enough example enough? To tell that God is attained in freedom itself?

      Unless you have control over the mind, everything is meaningless. And when we control our mind, everything is achieved. This is the reason. By overcoming the mind, there are no desires to get more than necessary anyway.

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