Without Hard Work, You Want to Achieve Success?

Without Hard Work, You Want to Achieve Success?
Without Hard Work, You Want to Achieve Success?

Without Hard Work, You Want to Achieve Success?

Success is not something found in any gift or gift. To be successful, one has to be persistent and “persevere“. There are many people in this world who want to win. Or say that I want to be successful. But to be a success, do not want to hard work. I took a pinch without doing anything and succeeded. There are many people who are waiting for some shortcuts. If we were successful just by thinking or sitting hand in hand, the world would not have changed so fast.

Self Discipline and the spirit of taking responsibility is very much needed to become successful. If there is a lack of discipline in your life, then the chances of being successful are over. Even if you have been successful, you cannot maintain your success for a long time without discipline.

Always remember this and if possible, tie a knot in your mind and brain. – There is no other Best Option of Self Discipline and hard work at all.

If there really is something called destiny in this world. So she will be with those people who work hard in their work. I don’t know much about fate. But yes, if luck is there for me it means very clear. Those who work hard and who recognize the opportunity. Luck is with them.


If you have a big dictionary. And you think that you can understand the information of another language only by keeping it with you. Even without reading it, are you right? If you want to achieve great success, then leave the bad habit of “just sitting empty only thinking”. You have to work hard to be successful. You will have to set your eyes on the pages of the dictionary, only then will there be a store of vocabulary in your mind.

My Experience

I go for a walk in a nearby pond every evening. There I saw a lot of ducks swimming together. They all looked very calm to me. But he has to keep moving his feet underwater to go from one place to another. Most of us do not notice this and just see the duck swimming in a soft and calm manner. But this swimming also involves his hard work.

You just have to keep increasing your level of hard work. Do one day and night to get success. As long as you are standing with full vigor, and moving fearlessly, no force can stop you from reaching your destination.

Excellence is not achieved by luck. It is simply a result of your hard work, discipline, constant adoption of good habits, and your practice. With hard work and practice, you can improve every work that you have little knowledge about. Continuing to do your work with hard work will show that you will succeed soon.

The harder you work, the better you will feel. You will not need any award because you will get every gift from nature itself.

Even if you take small steps, start with small things, there is no need for big steps to walk in the path. Even small steps lead you to your destination. Just keep going, keep working hard, and take rest only after reaching your destination. Because with hard work everything is possible…

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2 thoughts on “Without Hard Work, You Want to Achieve Success?

  • April 26, 2020 at 12:04 am

    Very true.

    Some people believe that life will simply hand them things, and hold their hand. It is not the case, especially when no one will be there for you, when you are alone. Such a person is merely a mooch, begging for something they can acquire because they possess hands and feet. They are alone, now, because no one tolerates a person who doesn’t want to get a job done, using their own skills.

    Whether we like it or not, humans are mainly treated to be useful tools. We can only love so much, until we are surrounded by brokenness. And then, there are no tools able to repair that brokenness, if all we do is love.

  • April 26, 2020 at 1:55 am

    Great points. This is very true,”Success is not something found in any gift or gift. To be successful, one has to be persistent and “persevere”. ”

    “Persistence and Determination are Omnipotent.” – Calvin Coolidge


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