How to Take a Decision

How to Take a Decision
How to Take a Decision

How to Take a Decision : 

      On the basis of the future, everyone wants to decide today. Everybody tries to take decisions like this, the future is safe. In order to have happiness in the future. therefor How to Take a Decision

 Look at your life. Isn’t the future behind most of your decisions?

 Must be there.

Everyone has the right to try to make their life simple and happy. But no one knows the future, only imaginable.

So we make all the important decisions of life on the basis of imagination.

Can there be a third way to decide? Think

Religion is the basis of all happiness, and religion dwells in the heart of man.

So before each decision, you must ask your heart a question, whether the decision is born out of selfishness or religion?

 Is that not enough?

 Selfishness can lead to momentary happiness from birth decisions. But the decision was taken with religion is always pleasant.

Would not the future be more Happiness than thinking of religion in exchange for the future?

Think for yourself.

What is self-confidence :

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