What is An Ego Definition ?

What is An Ego Definition ?
What is An Ego Definition ?

What is An Ego Definition ?

         Proud, self-respect, and Ego looks like these three in the same way. But the meaning of all three is different too. And the results are different too. therefor I tell What is An Ego Definition ?

       The three starts with love. Love yourself Diligence gives birth to Proud in our hearts.

       And success awakens self-respect. Even so, but when this feeling becomes an ego. Then that problem becomes.

      Because the worst end is egoistic. But the puzzle for man is this.

     How can you know that the ego is alive ?     And its repression is necessary. I will not answer it. Will give you your heart.

       When you are pleased with yourself. As long as you are trying to get the highest height. Okay then.

        But, when there is a sense of hatred towards others in your mind, be careful. Because This is the Ego.

Which is actually making you inferior.

    Think About Yourself

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