How to Avoid the Problems

How to Avoid the Problems
How to Avoid the Problems

How to Avoid the Problems 

Who wants to be surrounded by problems in life? Who wants to be surrounded by difficulties? No one. – I tell you How to Avoid the Problems

  If you don’t want that too, what do you do, to do it?  Think Let me tell you, to do this most people run away from difficulties.

  Stay away from problems. And this is the biggest mistake you make.  The problem is similar to that of a big wild animal, the farther you run away, the more terrible it will take.

  And eventually, she will end you. So how to avoid the problem. What is the solution for this?

   The solution is to reduce the problem with your more hard work, your devotion, and your perseverance.

   If the sailor has to become a skilled Khevaiya, he cannot be made in a calm sea. He has to face the storm. Will remember

What is Fear ?

What is Dignity?

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