The Price of Time

The Price of Time
The Price of Time

The Price of Time

Today I ask for a puzzle from you. What is the most precious in the world? Some of you will say gold, some will say pearl, some will say diamond.
 So what happened in the puzzle?
 The puzzle is that, which is the most precious in the world, there is also the cheapest in the world,
 He dies every moment and lives forever, is the biggest enemy and also the greatest friend.    What do you think
 I tell you
That’s the Time.
    If you use every moment, then it is the most precious. If you spend misuse, they are the cheapest.
 Because no money is required to buy it.
 If you spend, every moment dies, but after all of us die is the time, which will remain alive.
 This is with you, is your biggest friend and this is against you, the biggest enemy.
 Now it depends on you how you use it.
 You make it priceless or you destroy it alone. Make friends or enemies, live it every moment or kill it.
  There is no any one big money than Time , remember it And when does it appear to man.
when it comes to its last Time.

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