What is The True Charity?

What is The True Charity?
What is true charity?

What is The True Charity?

Today we will tell you through a story that – What is The True Charity?

   A man had big desires from life. He also tried to complete them but was not successful. After coming in contact with a group of saints, he became disinterested and became a saint.

. Being a saint, he did not crave anything. The saints continued to be devoted to God. Doing yoga, meditation, and attention. This gave him mental happiness and divine qualities also started coming in him.

        Once he sat in the long meditation of God. Due to this, the gods came to him pleasantly and asked for a boon. The saint said – when I had desires in my mind, then nothing was found. Now I do not want anything, so you are ready to give everything. You are happy that is enough. I do not want anything.

       The deity said- You became great only by conquering desire. There was only one barrier between God and you, your infinite desires. After that obstacle you became pure. God sent me Therefore, you accept something or keep our value.

       The saint said very thoughtfully – Give me the power that if I touch a sick person, it will be well. If I touch a dry tree, then it becomes life. The god gave that boon.

Saint Thought deeply

What is true charity?
What is true charity?

The saint paused and said– I want to amend my boon. Health benefits to the sick person and life to the tree should not be touched by me, only by my shadow, and I should not even know about it.

       The deity asked- Is there any doubt in touching anyone? The saint said – absolutely not, but I do not want to spread that my touch benefits people. The realization of power begins to deflate the mind, even if it is a divine accomplishment.

       He starts feeling proud of his superiority. Then this boon will become a curse for me. It is good that the welfare of the people be done quietly.

When you have a great desire for something, then that item is not easily found. As soon as craving decreases, it starts to become easily available. Too much desire causes mental disturbance.

       It is very good to have a sense of charity, but to have a sense of favor in return for that charity is longing. once the greed comes, your power of benevolence is reduced. It is a tried thing. Think carefully, you will feel the truth.

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