Path to Entire Knowledge

#Path to Entire Knowledge
#Path to Entire Knowledge

Path to Entire Knowledge:

  Man lives his entire life with faith somewhere. But think about where to trust.

Who do you trust? On the sayings of great men, on the shlok of the scriptures, on the learning of parents or on the instructions are given by friends, or on my words.

All this belief is incomplete unless you have faith in yourself.

  If you want to believe, you must first learn the science of faith.

Do not believe anyone’s words.

First, you, know yourself. Know your soul, learn to believe in your soul. And then if you have any question in your mind, ask your soul and the answer will be the most appropriate. this is real Path to Entire Knowledge

 When you get to know yourself, you will learn to trust your soul, then the policy, element knowledge, science will all be revealed from within you, will arise.

   And you will not need the verses of the scriptures or the speech of great men.

Go and look at a little history, whoever got entire knowledge did not read any book or scripture.

Examples Valmiki Sage(Valmiki Rishi), Buddha, Socrates ……. etc

 If you are unable to believe in yourself, do not know yourself, then the shlok of the scriptures, the speech of great men, the learning of parents or the instructions given by friends will not give any benefit.

This is a True. Will always remember

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