Simple Definition of Religion

Simple Definition of Religion
Simple Definition of Religion

Simple Definition of Religion

         We create recognition in the world according to our thinking and thoughts. Just as speaking the truth is virtuous, and speaking untrue is sinful. Tolerance is religion, and anger is unrighteousness. Doing favors, pitying creatures is religion. And iniquity to be cruel But is this true?

        Sometimes circumstances reverse these charges. In this world, that is called religion. The same is called virtue “walking according to the situation”, “walking according to the time”. If something is great, it is, to walk according to time.

       There are some people who tolerate injustice by considering tolerance as religion. And finally, they become slaves to bad people.

       If any animal or person tries to attack an innocent and take the life of an innocent, then killing him to protect the person in front is not a sin but a demand for time. Because the attack is not selfdefense.

       If by helping any wicked, ordinary people suffer, tolerate, then it is not a religion to help the wicked.

Unprovoked anger is unacceptable. But if with anger. Have something good, good for someone. So anger and punishment are also a form of religion.

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