The Knowledge of Your Inner Soul.

The Knowledge of Your Inner Soul.
The Knowledge of Your Inner Soul.

The Knowledge of Your Inner #Soul.

             Knowledge of your Inner Soul with inspiring spiritual illustration

            A saint came to a king. The king was very respectful. Taking a plate of large cottage cheese, put in beautiful silk cloth and silk shoe and money plate in front of the saint. Then the saint said – the king, for whom this stuff is?  The king said, Lord, this is your offering. Then the saint thought in his mind that we are monks. What do we have to do with this stuff? Let’s give some thought to the king instead.

           Then the saint said that if the king wears this beautiful cloth, beautiful shawl and beautiful shoes, we will not remain ascetics. Then we will become a Seth from a monk. If you want to give this stuff with love. Then you will have to manage four horses and chariots and a palace. The king said this will happen today.

           Then the saint said, how will I be able to live alone in such a big palace? Then I will have to get married. And after marriage, there will be children. They also need money to spend. If the children become ill, then doctor’s medicines are also needed. The king said that that too will happen. Then the saint said if a child dies tomorrow, who will cry? Then the king said – Saint you will have to cry. The saint said that after getting this stuff, if I have to cry tomorrow,  So I’m fine as I am. The King’s thought opened. That worldly things are not pleasing. Earthly substances are found. Then they have to cry after getting it.


          The king fell at the feet of the saint and began to apologize. Then the saint said, the king understood the reality. Whatever it is like a dream. Work with your intellect. Examine the truth and untruth. You are the truth and the world is untrue. This world is conceived in your intellect.

         Understand imagination as fiction. This is true knowledge. When all the names, a form is in your intellect imaginatively. So what are you afraid of? And together understand this. The fantasy of something is a form of intelligence. And this cannot separate from intellect. Taking this imagined death as true, he is afraid of it. For example, the child is afraid of seeing the earthen lion as the truth.

          Open your eyes of thought and attain a fearless status. This is true knowledge. You have neither birth nor death. A fearless status is your goal. And this truth is the knowledge of your inner soul.

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