What is self-confidence

What is self-confidence
What is self-confidence

What is self-confidence :

Man does not consider himself worthy for the struggles in life, when he does not believe in his own strength.
Then, he abandons the virtues and adopts the demerits.
That is, evil is born in human life when they do not have confidence in themselves.
Self-confidence carries goodness. What is Self-confidence?
When man believes that this struggle of life makes a man weak, he does not believe in himself.
Instead of going beyond conflict, he starts looking for ways to get away from conflict.
 But when he realizes that this struggle makes him more powerful.
Just as exercise increases the power of the body.
 So with each struggle his enthusiasm increases. That is, Self-confidence is nothing but a state of mind.
 There is only a vision to see life. And the view of human life is under the control of man.
 Think yourself
Self-confidence is literally a mind power
In today’s time, it is very important for everyone to have self-confidence.
Self-confidence gives us such power that we can do anything very easily. Our willpower is strengthened by self-confidence.
Our spiritual power increases with our willpower and all our actions are possible with spiritual power.

What can we become?

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