Think About Yourself

Think About Yourself
Think About Yourself


Think About Yourself 

Every person has some kind of weakness in the world.

 If a person does not race fast, then no one is able to take much weight, then someone suffers from an incurable disease, then he can not remember any major lesson. There are many more such examples.

 Do you know any such person? Everything that is received.

And we live a weakness of life as the center of our life.

 For this reason, sadness and dissatisfaction in the heart remain forever.

weakness is obtained from the person either by birth or by accident.

But the mind makes this weakness it’s limit.

But some people are also those who defeat that weakness with their hard work and diligence.

 What is the difference between them and others? Have you ever thought ?

 The simple answer is that, the person who is not defeated by weakness, who has the courage to work hard, he crosses the weakness.

 That is, the weakness that God gives, but the limit is created by the human mind.

Think about yourself

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