Who Can give the Most Wounds in the World?

Who Can give the Most Wounds in the World?
Who Can give the Most Wounds in the World?
Anyone Can give the Most Wounds in the World.
Who can give the most wounds in the world? Is it through Indra’s thunderbolt? Or Thor’s Hammer ( STORMBREAKER ) ?

      No NEVER

  The most wound anyone can inflict is our words, our speech. If the word is an arrow, it is a weapon, then our tongue is the instrument of their correction.
Sweetwords can give your life by becoming nectar. And bitter words can make your life painful by becoming poison.
  It is the word itself,  no any physician has any remedy for the wound.  So, which is as deadly as anything. The same thing is equally priceless. And the words are most valuable, so try to speak sweet words and try to speak the words by weighing your heart.
Today I tell everyone a story. One day, 2 businessman came to a village.
 one businessman was of honey, his honey was very sweet. But he could not stay in the village, his business suffered losses and soon left the village.
   And the other businessman was chili’s. On the first day, one of his sacks all chili was sold, and on the second day, his chili was sold filling the entire car.
And gradually his influence increased throughout the village.
     I was surprised, I asked the businessman, why? A honey’s merchant became a pauper and a  chili’s merchant became a Shroff.
 So he said, that of the sweet-spoken person, chili is also sold, and the one who speaks bitter, his sweet honey also does not sell.
    And is also appropriate. Man always rises from his words in his life. And fallsfrom his words.
   So always try to speak sweet dialect in your life, your life will become simple.

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