What is Dignity?

#What is Dignity?
#What is Dignity?

What is Dignity?

Man’s mind is fickle by nature.  Look at the boys, parents will say that do not go near the river, do not play in the forest, then they will definitely do the same. For which they are forbidden. They will break A Dignity

  The Thrill of breaking the bond always fascinates the mind of man.

  But there is a big difference between bondage and A_Dignity. Which, humans cannot understand.

   Sometimes it is appropriate to break the bond. However, it is not appropriate to break the limit. Whether it is the limit of love, the limit of hostility, or the a_dignity of the guest.

   So the question arises. What is Dignity? How do we know which limit we should not cross?  Let, I tell you.

  The limit that you do not want to let someone else cross, is your same Dignity. Like, the behavior you want for someone else, in reality, it is also your A_Dignity.

  From the day you start doing this question with your mind. From then on, No Dignity will be breached from you, nor will there be any crime.

   Perhaps, that is why it is said that when a man’s mind is in control, then God resides in your mind along with your heart.

  And if you ask your mind a question of your Dignity, then it will never give an inappropriate answer. Will always remember.    

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