Recognize the Opportunity in Your Life

Recognize the Opportunity in Your Life
Recognize the Opportunity in Your Life

Recognize the Opportunity in Your Life

           There was an auction of paintings in the city of New York. Many big businessmen were present in that auction. And all were enjoying the paintings. A businessman whose name was John, he was watching the same painting again and again for a long time. And he seemed to have some message hidden in that painting. Others were not showing any kind of interest in buying that painting. John asked the painting maker. You have made this painting very strangely. You have definitely designed this painting to give a big message. Tell me because I want to buy this painting. And for this, I can give you the asking price.

          The painter said to John smiling- Sir, I have made a human in this picture. Everyone is feeling a little strange. Because of the girl in this picture. His face is completely covered by his hair. I have put wings on her legs. And I have made the back of my head completely bald.

         John said – So tell me from which side it is a picture of a human being.  Sir, this picture shows the opportunity.

         When the opportunity comes before us. Then we cannot see it. Because his face is covered with hair. I put wings on its feet because when we do not recognize the opportunity, it immediately flies away.

        This is why the back part of its head is made bald. Because when we come to know that the face covered with hair is of opportunity. And he is flying with feathers on his feet. Then we try to catch it from behind. But due to the back part being bald, we cannot catch it. And the opportunity flies out of our hands.


        John was surprised to hear that painter and bought the painting. Today he left from there after learning a big lesson.

         Friends, we all use this sentence at some point in our life.’ That we did not get an opportunity at that time or else’…. Saying that we do not get an opportunity is like making a blank excuse. Many times people are sitting in wait for a big occasion or the right opportunity. And they are unable to do anything. Do not wait for the right opportunity or big opportunity.

The opportunity will always come out in front of you. All you have to do is recognize it. The opportunity is not small or big, so do not sit vacant waiting for a big opportunity. Take advantage of every opportunity. How long will you run from your responsibility by pretending to have the opportunity? Create an opportunity. Because everything is in your hands. God has sent you fully capable. So go ahead and grab the opportunity.

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