How does Our Problem Get Bigger?

How does Our Problem Get Bigger?
How does Our Problem Get Bigger?

How does Our Problem Get Bigger?

       A ten-year-old child used to go for a walk on the hill with his father. One day when he went out for a walk, the child said to his father, “Father, Today we race.” The one who reaches the top first will be the winner.

     Papa obeyed the son and the race started. After running for a while, my father suddenly stopped. Seeing the father stopped at one place, the child asked – what happened, father! Why did you stop suddenly?

      Papa said- Oh nothing son, pebbles have come in shoes. And I have stopped to remove them.

      On hearing this, the child said- What father! Pebble is also in my shoes. But I do not have time to remove them.

      Saying this, he advanced in the race. And the father also took out the pebble and started running.

     After some time, the child felt the pebbles prick in his feet. He started to get a lot of pain and his running speed also decreased.

     Now, father had gone ahead of him. Then the child shouted loudly that he could no longer run at all.

     Father came to him and when he took out his son’s shoe. So he was soaked in blood. The legs were bleeding. He took her home and explained to her by dressing her ointment.  If some problem comes in our life, we should not avoid it by saying that I have no time right now. This problem takes the form of a big problem going forward. And causes our failures. The solution should discover at the same time when the problem arrives.


      Friends, we all face many big problems in our lives. But we ourselves make our problems bigger. If we want, we can solve the problems immediately. If at the same time its solution is to be found. And this happens, you will surely be the winner of your race.

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  • April 3, 2020 at 5:14 pm

    nice story that proves the point and offers a solution!


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