Jesus’ Enlightening story – ” I haven’t Done Anything “

Jesus' Enlightening story - " I haven't Done Anything "
Jesus’ Enlightening story – ” I haven’t Done Anything “

Jesus’ Enlightening story – ” I haven’t Done Anything “

          There is a very famous Enlightening story about Jesus. That he had once cured ten lepers. And when they turned, everyone except one person was gone. One person was standing there. He had the humility to thank Jesus. Then Jesus said to that person, ” I haven’t done anything

         This is a short story. But it compels all of us to think. We keep repeating the same thing again and again in exchange for some help of a person. – “Look how much I did for this“. How much we see our philanthropy exaggerated. We often hear people saying such things as, “If I were not there, this man would be on the road today”. There is so much ego in these things.

      What lesson can we all learn from this story: –

      • Most people are Ungrateful

      • Like Jesus, we should not expect anyone to appreciate us.

          Friends, look back once in your life. And try to remember those people. Which has a good effect on our life. In such people, you can see your parents, teachers, friends or any person. Who has given all his time to help us. Perhaps we all feel that they were just doing their duty. But in reality, it is not.

        They have sacrificed their time, hobbies, money and many important things for us wholeheartedly. He has done this because of his love for us. Not to receive thanks in any way. At some point, the person realizes, how hard the parents have worked in shaping his life. That’s why I can say this. That it is not too late to thank them.

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