Attainment of Never-ending Profit

Attainment of Never-ending #Profit
Attainment of Never-ending #Profit

Attainment of Never-ending #Profit

           Once a saint arrived in the village. He used to develop new consciousness inside people through his discourses. In the evening, when his discourse was about to end. Then a farmer named Thomas reached him. And urging them said – saint! I am a poor laborer. I work hard in the fields and feed my family. we have to sow seeds in the field. And by running the plow, I have to produce the crop. And when the crop ripens. Only then can I nurture me and my family.

          You are a saint and a learned man. And I would like your guidance. That you tell me such a secret. If once I work in the field, I always get profit from there. Which never ends!

           The saint smiled as he listened to Thomas. And said- Thomas! You are a noble person. And you will also Attainment the never-ending profit. But for this, first, you have to sow the seeds in your mind.

          Thomas was stunned upon hearing this. And said- saint! What are you saying How can I sow seeds in my mind? And how can I get fruit from that seed?

           The saint replied, Thomas! This is absolutely possible. These seeds will not be like any ordinary seeds. These will be very amazing who will contribute in bringing positive changes in your life.

          Thomas said for curiosity – saint! Please tell me how can I sow this seed in my mind?


          The saint replied and said- Dear! Sow the seeds of confidence and hard work in your mind. running the plow in the mind of prudence, selfcontrol, and wisdom. Irrigate it with your knowledge. And finally, fertilize him in the form of courtesy and humility. With this, you will get a never-ending fruit. Which will never end.

         Thomas understood the words of the saint. And now he got the knowledge. That the attainment of the neverending profit in life is possible only and only through good thoughts and hard work.

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