How to Build a Better Future

How to Build a Better Future
How to Build a Better Future

How to Build a Better Future

           Friends, in this world a lot of people like to hold things. Even if they have problems with it. What did someone say to you, and you start acting immediately. We are so clinging to our past that we are not even looking at our present. so I tell you How to Build a Better Future

      Let’s take this post with a short story:

         Thomas and Joseph were two good friends. The business of both was flourishing. Suddenly a fire broke out in a factory in Joseph and he suffered a lot of damage. From that day onwards, Joseph was very upset. Due to his troubles, he was not able to pay proper attention to his other business. And mostly he started feeling depressed. When Thomas came to know about this, he immediately went to him. And he said to Joseph, “You should start a new beginning again“. What will happen to such a sad sitting? Joseph was not ready to understand any such thing. And he wanted to be surrounded by despair.

         Then Thomas came to him with a glass of water. And while explaining to him, he said look, Joseph !I am holding a glass of water in my hand, I am not feeling any pain right now. But if I held it like this for 1 hour, then maybe my hands would start to ache. And if I hold it for 24 hours, my hand will probably become numb. And I have to go to the doctor.

           If you hold on to what happened in the past, you will be sitting. And you will just keep thinking about that. Neither can you perform well in the present and will not be able to create a better future. Therefore, whatever mistakes you have made in the past, make them your source of inspiration.


             Do not sit and watch what happened in your past. For example, holding the glass in the hand for a long time can make the hands numb. Just like worrying about old things, your mind will become numb. And you will not be able to do anything further.

           Joseph was listening intently to his friend and now he understood. That he should not sit back regretting the past, do something in the present and improve his future.

Friends, there are two types of our past in our life:

• Excellent past.

• Full of conflict, Past.

           The past time will never come back. If you want to make your future better then you have to make your present better. Because “from today you will create tomorrow.”

           Many students use the remaining pages in their previous class note-books after the summer vacation is over. For this, they tear down the pages written in that notebook or paste all the pages written with stapler or tape. And start writing from new pages.

          Same we have to do the same in our life. Whether our past is good or bad, we have to tear it down or stapler it. And in your present, you have to work afresh. So that we can start a better tomorrow.

         You cannot improve your past. And can’t look into our future. But you have complete control over your present. If you want to do anything, do it today. Because with the work done today, you will create a better tomorrow or your future which will be very golden.

Jesus’ Enlightening story – ” I haven’t Done Anything “

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