How to Get Knowledge

How to Get Knowledge
How to Get Knowledge

How to Get Knowledge

  Knowledge realization always comes from dedication, We all know this, but what is the real significance of surrender? Have we ever considered?  

      Man’s mind always produces various obstacles in realizing knowledged. Ever gets envious of any other student. Sometimes the doubt about the taught text is born, and sometimes the punishment given by the Guru, fills the mind with ego.

        Does not it happen? Do not know, How-thoughts is a delusional to mind.  And due to this inefficient condition of mind, we can not acquire knowledged. The ability of the mind is made only by dedication. Dedication destroys a man’s ego.

       Jealousy, ambition, etc. remove feelings and relaxes the heart.  And concentrates on the mind. In fact, there is no limit to knowledge or Knowledgeists in the world.

 That is, the topic is of  Theology, or of the knowledge of life, or the knowledged attained in School. For our knowledged attainment, our dedication to the Guru is of greater significance.  Is not this true?

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