#COVID-19 Big Scam by China PART-1

#COVID-19 big Scam by China PART-1
#COVID-19 big Scam by China PART-1

#COVID-19 Big Scam by China PART-1

1. China first created a Coronavirus. And then spread it all over the world.

2. Demonstrated his expertise and got hospitals built overnight. (After all, they were already ready) prefabricated building materials and an impressive amount of stock .. all of which were part of that strategy.

3. As a result, anarchy along with viruses started spreading in the world. Especially in Europe and Gulf Country. The economy of dozens of countries was quickly affected. Production lines in factories in other countries closed. As a result, a sharp decline in the stock market and Forex.

4. As a result, the price of those items came down. From whom he buys oil etc. on a large scale. And companies in Europe and USA based in China get a 40% reduction in their stock price due to lack of business.  And China buys that stock for a very low price.

5. The new patients of Corona stopped from Wuhan suddenly. How is it possible when a country like Italy has not been able to handle this situation? After all, China was already ready.

Think it…

6. Then China immediately went back to production. While the world is at a standstill. Where on the one hand there is chaos in the world. At the same time, China has started work in its factories. China began to buy things whose price had dropped drastically. And started selling things whose price has increased tremendously.

          How Russia and North Korea are completely free from Covid-19 ? Because they are staunch allies of China. Not a single case was reported from these 2 countries. On the other hand, USA / South Korea / United Kingdom / Italy / Spain and Asia are severely affected. Because all of this is competitive in China

Now if you can’t believe it …

In 1999, read the book Unrestricted War: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America” written by the Chinese colonies Kiao Liang and Wang Jiangsu !! All these facts are present there.

     How did Wuhan suddenly free itself from the deadly Coronavirus?

       China would say that their initial measures were too harsh. And Wuhan was closed down to spread to other areas. But this answer is very funny. .. If it had been so, it would not have spread that much to the rest of the countries. And would be limited to one city. It is 100% true that China is using anti-virus dod.

        Why no one was killed in Beijing? Why only Wuhan? This is an interesting idea. … Well, Wuhan has now opened for business. America and all the above-mentioned countries are financially devastated. Soon the US economy will collapse according to China’s plan. China knows that it cannot defeat America militarily. Because at present, according to this, America is the largest country in the world.

America is blaming China, it is right

Wuhan to Shanghai = 839 km

Beijing to Wuhan = 1152 km

Milan from Wuhan = 15000 km

New York to Wuhan = 15000 km

Wuhan to Italy = 8695 km

India to Wuhan = 3695 km

Wuhan to Iran = 5667 km

Corona no effect in nearby Beijing / Shanghai

But people died in Italy, Iran, Europe, USA and ruined the world economy. And all the business areas of China are safe

Something is fishy………

        Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived just to visit those effective areas wearing a simple RM1 facemask. As president, he should be covered from head to foot ….. but it was not so. They were already injected to resist any kind of damage from the virus. This means that his anti-dod was formed before the virus was released.

 Wuhan was just a demonstration of the epidemic … Now, this virus has taken the epidemic to the extreme !!!

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